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Swedish Specialist Hospital has been in the health care for the past five years. We have been an established and private hospital with an excellent track record for the best patient satisfaction.
We believe in keeping the patients our priority and provide them with the best healthcare on site at reasonable value. We have excellent Swedish qualified doctors and nurses who will guide and help patients getting the needed medical healthcare attention.
Swedish Specialist Hospital is to become the first in the country to provide the Sweden's quality of healthcare performance and services.
Swedish Specialist Hospital was found in April 2nd 2012, covers an area of 22000 M2 and has 5150 M2 of buildings; our facilities provide a large parking space for patients and visitors. Location of the hospital is off main road, therefore easy access and away from traffic. The Hospital is currently serving the outpatients, among all its medical staffs.


Our Departments:


  1. Ophthalmology
  2. Allergy centre
  3. Gynecology
  4. Diabetes & Internal Medicine
  5. Respiratory Diseases
  6. Plastic/reconstruction Surgery
  7. Orthopedic & Physiotherapy
  8. Dentistry
  9. Ear ,Nose & Throat
  10. General surgery
  11. Pain management
  12. Laboratory
  13. Radiology Center/X-Ray
  14. Laser Specialist / Skin Care
  15. ICU & Ward
  16. Optic Shop & Pharmacy
  17. Cafeteria
  18. 24/7 service
  19. Cardiology
  20. Dermatology
  21. Radiology/Ultrasound


Our mission

Our Ability

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